Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Earth Operations - we practice what we preach

Our business is committed to appreciating our Earth resources by following these practices:

Regular Telecommuting for Staff
Laptops with remote access to emails and booking systems
On Call service for our clients outside office hours
Remote on line access for our Operating System, Aquarius.

Use scrap paper for notes
Email dont post
Email dont fax
When printing from your computer, if you absolutely have to (are you sure you need to?)
print two pages per A4 page, if you have duplex printing, print on both sides of the page;
Only print when absolutely necessary; always offer to email instead

All clients must have an email account.
We encourage written communication as much as possible to maintain a reliable audit trail.

We no longer print documents only to sign and fax then store. That costs time, paper and space. As we value all of those resources and dont consider them to be unlimited we do the following:
Our secure signatures are digitally attached to each document and returned via email or Internet download then digitally backed up.

We don't pay be cheqye.
All payments are deposited directly into client bank accounts.
All remittances are emailed directly.
Ask clients to pay Directly Deposit into our Bank Account.
Ask them to email Remittance directly to Accounts.

We will not accept printed publicity or marketing material or submissions.
We no longer file archive or store paper promo.
We accept and will store CDs.
They will be given away after 6 months
We will only keep EPKs for 12 months and then destroyed

By appreciating our resources, we use less space, less time, spend less money on stationary and can easily access files and information by building an infrstructure of Data Management Systems.

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The Earth Mission

Our Mission is to:
Live a simpler life.
Live as part of the earth, part of the tides, the natural rhythms, the planets and the elements.
Align the values of the earth with family, community, work and mine.
Live with less.
Make better use of our resources.
Make better use of our time.

“A robin eats worms in the spring, because it needs the protein to lay eggs and raise chicks.
A robin eats fruit in the summer, because food is abundant and carbohydrates are lightweight energy.
And a robin eats seeds and nuts in the fall, to store fats for the long flight south.
In the same way, it is important for people to vary their diet throughout the year to remain healthy.
Eating locally does that.
It keeps you in touch with the cycle of nature wherever you live."

In our business world, the impact of our operations and actions on our networks, the community and the environment is something we take very seriously.
Feedback from clients, suppliers, associates, alliance partners, employees, shareholders, the community and the environment identifies the voids – the unfulfilled need and this provides the greatest opportunities for change and improvement.
Our quest is never ending as we collect, analyse, research, educate and share our information and ideas as individuals and as a company in the journey of our commitment to manage the impact of our business on the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the communities in which we operate and on the environment.

Please join us in this commitment by observing our Push The Earth policy when you do business with us.

Together we can make a difference.