Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Earth Smart Business Practice: General Office

We choose to work with companies that are sustainable with a long term vision for our Earth.
We no longer use cardboard business cards.
We recommend the use of companies like MOSHTIX (www.moshtix.com.au) where the general public can purchase a MOSHCARD and stop the practice of printing hard tickets for events.
We collect cardboard boxes for recycling and place into Recycling bin
We reuse old binders, file folders, report covers and general office equipment.
We recycle plastic bottles, aluminium cans, tin cans, milk and juice cartons
Turn off computers, when not in use;
Turn off office lighting when not in use;
Activate sleep mode on each computer to switch off the screen after 10 minutes;
Switch off office equipment at night, when leaving the office.
Bring own mug to work and have some set aside for visitors;
Bring lunch from home or eat in a local café to avoid packaging waste generated by take away lunches.
We no longer use a kettle as the coffee maker produces specific amounts of hot water to reduce wastage.
We order supplies in bulk to minimise packaging waste
We reduce energy costs by only purchasing the most energy efficient equipment
We reuse old supplies + equipment, or donate or sell them to schools + charities etc
We recycle office equipment by sending photocopier and printer cartridges and printer ribbons to a remanufacturing firm for recycling.
When purchasing office supplies, we decline Plastic Bags
We have decreased our magazine purchases by half and donate them to schools + charities etc each month.
We no longer purchase newspapers and refer to the internet for news updates
We purchase reference books, establish a lending library and donate or sell annually
In the office kitchen, we use the minimum amount of dishwashing liquid when washing dishes therefore minimum rinsing which we do in as basin and then use this water on our garden.

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The Earth Mission

Our Mission is to:
Live a simpler life.
Live as part of the earth, part of the tides, the natural rhythms, the planets and the elements.
Align the values of the earth with family, community, work and mine.
Live with less.
Make better use of our resources.
Make better use of our time.

“A robin eats worms in the spring, because it needs the protein to lay eggs and raise chicks.
A robin eats fruit in the summer, because food is abundant and carbohydrates are lightweight energy.
And a robin eats seeds and nuts in the fall, to store fats for the long flight south.
In the same way, it is important for people to vary their diet throughout the year to remain healthy.
Eating locally does that.
It keeps you in touch with the cycle of nature wherever you live."

In our business world, the impact of our operations and actions on our networks, the community and the environment is something we take very seriously.
Feedback from clients, suppliers, associates, alliance partners, employees, shareholders, the community and the environment identifies the voids – the unfulfilled need and this provides the greatest opportunities for change and improvement.
Our quest is never ending as we collect, analyse, research, educate and share our information and ideas as individuals and as a company in the journey of our commitment to manage the impact of our business on the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the communities in which we operate and on the environment.

Please join us in this commitment by observing our Push The Earth policy when you do business with us.

Together we can make a difference.